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The three cars here were all hand built by the late Chris Lawrence using original Ferrari chassis’.

Chris’ workmanship and standards were second to none and his knowledge of the product he was replicating was exemplary. What he didn’t know simply wasn’t worth knowing.

Sadly Chris passed away before the California was completed but his widow, Carol, was resolute and rallied the troops to ensure the car was finished in his name. We think Chris would have been very proud of the magnificent job Carol did on his behalf.

Chris is sadly missed but his enthusiasm and passion lives on in his work.


Having trimmed the featured GTO for Chris some 15 – 20 years ago, it was a pleasure when he knocked on our door again. Chris was in the middle of rebuilding this Berlinetta and the California was very much in the pipeline.

Chris had made all the door panels and transmission tunnel in aluminium and completely reproduced two pairs of seat frames in steel with virtually nothing to go on.

Chris gave us a few photographs of some original Ferrari seats. We had to design and manufacture a suspension system for both sets of seats, make all the foams from scratch and trim them to original stylings. Chris wanted to get more involved with the trimming, so he cut the carpets to fit and we bound them for him. The boot was trimmed by Chris in Hardura and Chris fitted all the door panels and seats once we had finished them.

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